Contrat CDD de 2 mois renouvelable chez Bing

  • Group:  Bing Classification Team
  • Title: French Subject Matter Expert/Judge
  • Location: Offsite (Onsite at Microsoft City Center in Bellevue 1- 2 times week for meetings)
  • Hours: 40 hours/week
  • Contract Length: through 9/30 + extension possibility
  • Send your resume to: Laura Belmont (


The international team of a world class web portal with millions of users per day, has a need to perform measurements on multimedia result data in our international markets.  

French Classification Subject Matter Expert (SME) Role & Responsibilities


The Classification Subject Matter Expert (SME) role aids the Classification Platform Team in the data classification process for Bing Local by classify local data, maintaining taxonomy definitions/keywords, performing quality review checks of external and in-house judges, mapping data provider categories, and additional data-related tasks.


Classification SMEs are expected to fulfill the following roles & responsibilities:

  • Classify local data by labeling it to the appropriate categories within the taxonomy by specific deliverable dates
  • Maintain and curate taxonomy category definitions and keywords via category definition tool.  Ensure that definitions are clear, consistent and accurate so that internal and external customers’ needs are met
  • Help build specific classification rules to enable accurate data classification for a particular market or markets based on cultural needs or understanding
  • Perform quality review checks of classification tasks performed by external and in-house judges.  Determine if judges are properly adhering to task guidelines, are accurately tagging the data, and provide specific feedback when quality issues are detected
  • Map data provider categories to internal taxonomy.  Investigate and verify that mappings are accurate for Bing Local’s business needs
  • Review and curate taxonomy category synonyms using synonym curation tool
  • Respond to and resolve internal and external customer escalations regarding data classification or category definitions within agreed upon time limits
  • Respond to external and in-house judge questions on the data classification process via classification tools on a daily basis
  • Collaborate with fellow SMEs on classification tasks, category definitions/keywords, and the overall classification process
  • Help provide language and cultural understanding for market(s) assigned
  • Work on other data-oriented tasks for on an as needed basis

Job requirements:

  • Native French language speaker
  • Fluent in English
  • To have resided 3 years in France
  • Basic computer literacy

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