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Un compatriote partage son expérience de recherche d’emploi en utilisant Linked-In. N’hésitez pas à ajouter vos expériences et commentaires à cette page!

LinkedIn is THE tool! A job search can’t be effective without it. I’ve been using it since 2004 but I have made great progress in my profile optimization recently.

Indeed, appearance in search results is critical and there are ways to improve this. There’s consensus that you need to have double digit figures in search results in order to have an effective presence on LinkedIn (usually the highest number of appearances is on Thursday as LinkedIn engine displays the last 3 days.)


  • Personalize your LinkedIn address: to stay on top of search results, your email address has to be such as and not . Use the “Privacy & Settings”, click on “Edit your public profile”.
  • Endorsements: this is where LinkedIn can be tricky. You have a limited set of skills you can display and be endorsed for. Go on (not accessible from your LinkedIn page anymore) and then you will see a display of each skills you want to be endorsed. Try to pick skills that display green status, close to your skills (it’s like a stock exchange value!), and select it.For example, “Mobile devices” (see below) is better in terms of searched skilled and expertise than “Mobile Phone industry”.


Different versions of this tool are used by recruiters but the concept is the same. This tool analyzes your resume or LinkedIn profile and extracts the key words used in your document.

In a job search, it is interesting to compare your resume to the job description… then you know you need to of you need to adapt your resume to this job or not.

Pour en apprendre plus sur LinkedIn et comment l’utiliser:

Retour à la page d’acceuil “emploi” UFE Seattle

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