ASSOCIATE TEACHER – Preschool/Maternelle and Elementary

We are seeking a FULL TIME associate teacher who:

  • is a native French speaker
  • is interested in working in a bilingual French/English setting (experience working in bilingual schools a plus)
  • has experience with children aged 3-10
  • enjoys collaborating on curriculum and teaching practices
  • is adaptable, flexible, innovative and creative
  • is excited to participate in the development of a new school

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Work with French and English teachers to implement activities, special projects in the classrooms on a regular basis
  • Supervise lunch and recess duties
  • Is in charge of the library program (setting up a time each week for students to be in the library, read books to the students)
  • Subs in case of a teacher’s absence
  • Participate in a professional and objective manner in the faculty evaluation/development process
  • Participate in professional development opportunities set forth by the board of directors/Head of School
  • Associate teacher is expected to check her/his email twice daily, once in the morning before the start of classes and once again before the end of the school day, to ensure good communication. Teacher is expected to respond to parent and administrator emails within 24 hours for non-emergencies.


The associate teacher must hold a teaching certificate and/or have a degree in education and have a strong knowledge of children development and school programs. The teacher must have a minimum of 1 year experience and be fluent in the language of instruction. In addition the associate teacher must have:

  • very strong organizational and communication skills
  • strong classroom management skills
  • the ability to work individually and as a member of a team
  • be detail oriented
  • exhibit leadership and problem solving skills
  • be passionate about providing the best education to all children
  • ability to adjust his/her teaching style to each child’s need
  • teacher must have attended a first aid class

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