Opening night – Painting Exhibit – Kosta Kulundzic

Opening: October 6th from 5.00-8.00pm
Exhibit run from: October 6th to November 2nd, 2016

Where: Suzanne Zahr Gallery
2441 76th Ave SE, Suite 160, Mercer Island |  206.354.1567

Suzanne Zahr and L+B Design Presents Kosta Kulundzic’s “Bloody Icons!” new Exhibit in the Pacific Northwest
Artist Returns to the United States from October 6th to November 2nd on Mercer Island, WA

Mercer Island, WA, Sept. 14th, 2016 – Three Tech Moguls cringe and cower in the frightful shadow of a furious dragon! Kim Kardashian hobnobs with St. Sebastian and an apocalyptic abomination as a bound and perplexed Kanye West looks on! Judith stands ready to behead the hell out of Holofernes, Tarantino-style, Grand Guignol, without the slightest remorse (and more than a little Grindhouse flair)! Buckle-up, because you’ve entered the world of Kosta Kulundzic – a deeply spiritual yet profanely B-movie realm where angelic figures coexist with bare-knuckled brawlers, hulking monstrosities stalk the same earth as tattooed, scantily-clad muses, and passion and attitude are always the order of the day! Part and parcel of the lowbrow art school and deeply pious Christian imagery, Kulundzic somehow manages to enter a new level of the soulfully obscene, the salaciously reverent!
Kulundzic has had shows in Paris, Belgrade, Sarajevo, Brussels, and Honolulu, and his new show, “Bloody Icons!”, opens at the Suzanne Zahr Gallery on October 6th at 2441 76th Ave SE, Suite 160, Mercer Island, WA.  Meet the Artist that evening from 5 – 8PM, where he will debut the piece “The Desperate Plea of Modern Technology Facing St George’s Dragon”, featuring Seattle’s very own Bill Gates, Paul Allen & Jeff Bezos.

  • A Live Painting Performance will take place at the SZ Gallery at 2PM on Saturday, October 8th. All are welcomed.

Suzanne Zahr and L+B Design, both Mercer Island-based creative studios have teamed up to bring the work of internationally renowned artist, Kosta Kulundzic to the Pacific Northwest. Kulundzic is also an adjunct art professor at the School of Architecture of Paris Val de Seine and will lecture at the University of Hawaii in 2017


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