Offre d’emploi: CDD 6 mois (au moins)–Super Auditor/Judge

Position Title: Super Auditor / Judge
Contract length: through 6/30/14 + extension possibility
Location: Remote work opportunity – Also working in our Aquent Fremont, Seattle office
Hours: 30-40 hours/week
Send Referrals to: Stacy Edwards (

Judge Job Description:
The international team of a world class web portal with millions of users per day, has a need to perform measurements on web data in our international markets.  The role will require you to put yourself in our users place: to understand their queries and the results – judging which results are best and why. Super Auditors for the Local Search relevance project that would work closely with other team members to produce the resources needed to boost the overall quality of the offsite judge resources

Summary of work to be done:

Day to Day work:

  1. Audits / Real time Audit Creation – Audits are reviews performed by the Supplier on the ratings submitted to Microsoft by the judges.

    Real-Time Audits (RTAs) test resources against definitive judgments, and provide simultaneous training on the correct approach to use. These are either created as an outcome of regular audits, created directly through UHRS tools, or created offline and uploaded to the system manually. In the tool, a small percentage of data is sent to at least two judges; those with disagreeing ratings are available for auditing by the Vendor.  A single audit will count for all judges involved (typically two).

  2. Spam Creation – This test needs to be created by the Quality Auditors to silently check judges against a set of definitive judgments.
  3. Review Project Guidelines – The Auditor will need to review project guidelines from time to time & suggest improvements if any
  4. Aggregate and Analyze Data – The Auditor will be responsible for aggregating the Quality Data and Analyze the test results and make recommendation to improve Judge Quality

Additional Skills:            

  • Able to work in a high-paced, goal oriented team.
  • The ability to self-pace and prioritize work.
  • Be able to take vague instruction.
  • Exercise a flexible mind-set.
  • Able to generate relevant results. 
  • Attention to detail. 

Job requirements:

  • Fluent in English and French
  • To have resided at least 3 years in France
  • Basic computer literacy

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