Offre d’emploi pour un projet de 5 mois de “Juge” pour Bing à Bellevue

Nous avons reçu ce jour cette offre pour un projet (sur site, pas de tele-commute!) dans l’équipe Bing de Microsoft via la société Aquent. Tous les détails sont ci-dessous.

  • Position Title: Judge
  • Contract length: through 6/30/14 + extension possibility
  • Location: Onsite at Microsoft – City Center (Bellevue)
  • Hours: 30-40 hours/week
  • Contact: Laura Belmont (

Judge Job Description:

The international team of a world class web portal with millions of users per day, has a need to perform measurements on web data in our international markets.  The role will require you to put yourself in our users place: to understand their queries and the results – judging which results are best and why. In addition, you will also be judging parts of data that is used to create the results and verifying and entering data into a database using custom software or tools.

Summary of work to be done:

You will be responsible for collecting, tagging/labeling contents (web results and documents) for use as index entries to help improve the quality of search results. Analyzing and researching international query terms and results to understand the customer’s intent and improve search results creating a better customer experience. 

Day to Day work:

  1. Query Judgment – Judging relevancy of search results based on query terms.  Categorization – Classify search terms based on a database of set categories.
  2. Error Reduction Work – Proofreading business names, descriptions, and images.
  3. Business Matching – grouping same businesses received from various sources.
  4. Ad hoc Projects

Additional Skills:            

  • Able to work in a high-paced, goal oriented team.
  • The ability to self-pace and prioritize work.
  • Be able to take vague instruction.
  • Exercise a flexible mind-set.
  • Able to generate relevant results. 
  • Attention to detail. 

Job requirements:

  • Fluent in English and French
  • To have resided at least 3 years in France
  • Basic computer literacy

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